Drink On, Fat Off 

If you’ve seen my instagram stories… you probably know that I like to party and go out quite a lot! 
A question I get very often is how I manage to maintain my weight with all the drinking going on… 

I’m mexican, so I’m always surrounded by people, there is always some kind of social event, and I love my tequila!  So, I’m around alcohol quite a lot… but here’s a few things I do that I encourage you to try: 


So, it’s friday and you’re probably going to drink, right? Then, CUT THE CARBS.
What I do is I’ll have eggs for breakfast, lean protein and veggies for lunch, and the same for dinner (salad works fine)… NO rice, NO pasta, NO tortilla, NO bread. Why? Because tequila is going to make up for those carbs at night and if there is one macronutrient you should take care of not overdoing, IT’S CARBS!


Try to drink your spirit either neat, or with water (in any of its forms) and lime. I usually have my tequila neat, or on the rocks with sparkling water and lime. 

Adding juices, sodas or asking for that colorful pretty drink will add TOO many calories and crazy amounts of sugar into your daily nutrient intake. That is something we DO NOT need when trying to lose fat. 


Sometimes you just want to have your lunch with beer and/or your dinner with wine… that is perfectly fine as long as you count that beer or glass of wine as your carbs. Please oh please don’t order a pizza and beer… as delicious as that sounds, that might push you over your macronutrient needs. Instead, opt for a steak and wine, or chicken and beer, or fish and white wine (whatever combo works for you). 

You can still enjoy a perfect dinner out without overindulging.


The problem with drinking is that it inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat up to 70%!

The day after drinking your liver is working hard to get rid of all the poison you drank…(oops)… 

So step 1: Wake up and have as much water as you can take in

Step 2: Have a green smoothie for breakfast. Why? Because it is so much easier for your body to digest, and the last thing you want is a big complex meal to take your body’s focus off of getting the poison out. 

Step 4: More bad news… you should try to keep the day after drinking free of complex carbs as well. So again, NO rice, NO pasta, NO tortillas, NO bread. Sounds horrible, I know… but you can’t have everything in life. 

We sacrifice some foods because we love some booze! 


DO NOT SKIP YOUR WORKOUT. You don’t have to go all crazy with HIIT training, or heavy weight lifting. Go for a walk, do some bodyweight excercises, hike an easy trail… DO SOMETHING. I promise you will feel A LOT better A LOT faster than if you just lay in bed eating junk food all day. 


Taking my friends for a hangover workout and steam. One of my eyes looks A LOT smaller than the other… That happens when I’m hungover. 🙈

If you have one available at the gym, go sweat the alcohol out of your system. It will probably make you sleepy but you will feel brand new afterwards . 

My hungover saturdays usually go like this: 

Wake up, green smoothie, sweat sesh (lifting, treadmill, hiit, depends on how bad the hangover is), steam room, cold shower, salad for lunch, maybe nap, and wake up as good as new! Very recommended hangover routine 👌🏼😎

So there you have them! Hope you find these tips helpful… They’ve worked wonders for me.

Wander on, nomads! 

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