Staying lean abroad

So, a lot of people have been asking me how I manage to stay realtively lean while traveling all the time. The answer could be as simple as eat clean and workout, but here are a few things I do:

1. Load on protein

While it might be tempting to eat that hot piece of bread at the restaurant, that waffle for breakfast and that cake with your afternoon tea… DON’T do it! 

Stick to eggs, meat, fish and poultry for fullfilling dishes and a side of rice or pasta is FINE! And if you MUST have to try that dessert (which we all do at some point), do it before 3pm and have a carbless dinner. This works wonders for me as I don’t feel I have to prive myself from anything. 

2. Drink coffee

This one’s easy! Who doesn’t love a big cup of coffe?! Caffeine is one of nature’s best fat burners! Have it with breakfast, have it instead of dessert for lunch, and switch to green tea in the afternoon for an extra caffeine boost. 

3. Walk everywhere

This one’s easy while traveling too. Except if you’re a little lazy and like taking cabs and buses all the time. DON’T! Walking during your trips will be your low intensity cardio and you will get to appreciate the places you’re in SO much better. 

4. Snack on

Take snacks with you. Sometimes it’s hard to know when you’ll be able to sit down for a meal during your travels. So I always carry dried  fruits and nuts for an easy, non-perishable, healthy snack.

5. Let go

Don’t worry too much and don’t count calories. Stay away from excesses and you’ll be fine! Traveling should be 100% enjoyable and you should endulge here and there too.  

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