United Arab Experience (Dubai)

To be COMPLETELY honest, I had never really longed to visit Dubai. There’s something about the idea of it being a recently “built” city that was never truly appealing to me. Yes, the buildings are impressive, the mall is massive and the highways are Texas-like. But that is not something that would catch my interest anywhere.

I went to Dubai on a business trip but had most of the afternoons to explore around the city. I knew there was a very cultural side of Dubai and went on a quest to experience it. I am so grateful I did as it has been one of the most unique experiences of my life.

Read along the photos for details.

Old Dubai with its incredibly nice people has a local “market” with amazing finds. I bought a beautiful handbag for 15 USD. AMAZING. I crossed the river in a “dhow” to get there, it’s like a water taxi and it only costs 1 Dirham (0.27USD). Highly recommend visiting this area of the city!
Desert Safari! This was a very fun adventure. I got to ride in those jeeps around the desert dunes. The tour guide also explains how people used to survive on desert conditions… VERY interesting how resourceful living creatures can be. And here we are sometimes, complaining about the AC 🙈
Just me… attempting a pretty picture in the Dubai Desert.
So, I got up REALLY early for this. But it was completely worth it. The staff was fun and knowledgeable which is pretty necessary if your life is dependant on their balloon flying skills!
So here’s the view from up in the air. Our neighboring balloon looks pretty stunning.
Morning run around the Dubai Mall. Let me tell you, that was a pretty long run! The mall is MASSIVE. But the views of the Burj Khalifa were absolutely perfect.

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