A Day In Hong Kong

So I recently got the opportunity to travel to Guangzhou for business. Got one day off before traveling back to Mexico and decided to take a train to Hong Kong.

I wanted to see EVERYTHING I could in less than 24 hours, and I kind of did. Of course I need to go back and experience the food and culture on a deeper level. But I got to move around in the subway, went shopping in Temple Street, had noodles and beer on a street market, visited Tian Tan Buddah, walked and shopped around SoHo, lighted incense in Man Mo Temple, took the ferry to cross the harbour, went to an open mall that had the most adorable holiday penguin installation… So I’m pretty proud of what I did in less than a day.

I think I might be sitting on a donation box. Oh well! No harm, no foul.

Up the stairs at Tian Tan Buddah. I got there really like REALLY early. It was definitely worth it because I got to experience it with very few people around. By the time I got back, the lines  for the cable cars were INSANE. Make sure you go there early, you’ll avoid the wait and the crowds.

Temple Street Market. So many amazing finds. Make sure to haggle though. I also recommend going there at night, the city feels SO alive. It was midnight on a Wednesday and everything was still open and full of people. I didn’t want to go to bed but appropriate rest was required for next day’s plans.

Eating noodles and having a beer near Temple Street after some light shopping. I feel like the lady in the back is judging me from how I grab my chopsticks. Oh well! It was delicious.

Big Buddah on the background. I had always wanted to visit HK for this special moment. It’s crazy to think that because of my office job I have gotten to experience something as big as this. There’s definitely something good behind every decision you make in life and I’m so blessed to see the good translated into what I love most: TRAVEL.

SoHo. Lots of stairs in this area of the city, many great looking restaurants and shops, and there are certain areas that have an LA feel to it with its juice, green, raw and vegan places. I’m definitely a carnivore, but just wanted to put that out there.

Man Mo Temple. Hidden gem right in the middle of the city. It’s a beautiful, old, colorful temple that gives you a break from the busy streets of SoHo.

Femininity at its finest going up to Tian Tan. I highly recommend taking the crystal cabins from Ngong Ping 360 Cable Cars, the views are breathtaking

Po Lin Monastery a MUST visit once you go up to see the Big Buddah.

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